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  • As mentioned previously on the blog and BBS, the movie Born to Boogie has been brought back on DVD!

  • Born to Boogie, influenced by the original Beatles drummer Ringo Star when he grabbed a mega phone in the 1970's, was a product of teamwork between Ringo and Bolan.

    Then after making the final album Abbey Road in 1970, Paul McCartney withdrew from the group, and the Beatles broke up. Each member started down their own road.

    At that time, in place of Abbey Road, Led Zeppelin quickly rose to and stayed at the top of the charts. In England, hard rock groups like Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple were making the up and coming generation crazy, and even before the hard rock movement groups like Pink Floyd, The Doors, and The Who had already thoroughly permeated the youth of the day.

    All of this soon lead to the entrance of Queen, the strongest band representing 70's British Rock, onto the scene.

    Amid this swift current of change, T Rex changed his style from acoustic duo to electric band, releasing the explosive hit Hot Love and becoming a teen pop icon.
    With the appearance of this album, Ringo Star, who was in the middle of making the album Ringo, declared that T Rex would be the next Beatles. Bolan was without a doubt on the rise in the pop culture scene.

    After the Vietnam War a feeling of need for spiritual release from the uncertainty of the times spread all across the world, and the thought of the rising generation also came to be hugely varied. Based on this vector like dispersion, the tide of the times was starting to demand new personal value systems and T Rex, who somehow stood out in the midst of all this activity, was able to grab onto and build up the Glam Rock genre.

    The Glamrock genre, rather than being a defined style and fashion fabricated for the mass media with an eye on producing economic results, was a style that actually established an era. In other words, unlike the Visual genre in Japan, it was a trend produced by internal reflection.

    In this trend, Ringo Star foresaw the second coming of the Beatles, and decided to capture Marc Bolan on film. Having filmed the February1992 Wembley concert, Ringo also separately carried out a studio session with Elton John, in which he himself picked up the drumsticks.
    The dream of the super stars of the century jamming together was realized.

    Born to Boogie is a complete deviation from a simple fan movie staring Marc Bolan for the uncritical fan. It's a historical and cultural inheritance. With the present DVD release, this cultural legacy from the days of film has been fully digitised, bringing it back to life for the present generation.

    Since its invention the Lumiere Brothers' cinematograph has given rise to all kinds of films, and it continues to record the lives of a diverse array of people today. As one such record, not only for music fans, but for all generations that have overcome periods of upheaval, and also for the sake of taking a fresh look at the life Bolan and T Rex lived, this DVD is invaluable.

  • Born To Boogie (Japanese Edition) is available at Amazon(JP)-04/03/30

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